About AnaMaria Artwork:

Hey yall!

I'm AnaMaria! I am 27 years old and like to call myself an artist.

I live in Texas, born and raised, and can honestly say I love it here. I love what I do and here is just a little something to read to get to know me a little better. 

I am inspired by Native American and the western culture that surrounds Texas. I love pastels (they are my go to) but also enjoy watercolors, acrylics and really love getting my hands dirty with clay. 

When I'm just at home, my small town living is an inspiration. Especially when I'm able to wake up to the most golden sunrises and fall asleep to the quiet hums of bugs. 


Just tap on the Facebook or Instagram links above to check out more of my artwork! Or give me a follow and tag along while I post my everyday sketches. 

My goals are to just share my art. I love what I do, and although I am no Van Gogh, I love doing something that I am good at. So welcome to AnaMaria Artwork, I hope you stop by my blog or just simply enjoy looking at some of my artwork. 



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