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More About Me:

Hi I'm Ana
Doing Wha I Love
About AnaMaria Artwork:

Hey yall!

For those who don't know me personally I want to thank you for stopping by. 

I want to introduce myself if you are new here, I am Ana Maria Devers. An acrylic and pastel painter who has always had a desire to create. 

I am 30. Having a job as an artist would have made 18 year old me scream with excitement. 


These last 5 years I have really focused and crafted my art into what it is today. I'm living with my husband in the great state of Texas. We have been high school sweethearts and I still think how crazy how fast its all gone by. When I'm not helping him run his security system business you can find me deep in my art study painting till the roosters crow. (Night Owl here)

No kids as of yet, although I do see some little Van Gogh's in the future hopefully. Not sure how that will effect my "Artist Time". Any future tips on how to manage time with little ones? I'm all ears! 

I love to travel when the wallet allows and I enjoy learning about new places, cultures and foods. I love to instill my new experiences into my paintings and would love to be able to own my own little Gallery one day.


I am delighted to share my artwork with you, and couldn't appreciate you more for not only reading this far along but for supporting me. It means the world!

Like always, take care and God Bless. 

-Ana Maria Devers

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