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Devers Wedding-79.jpg

Artist :

Ana Maria Devers | Texan | 29

Ana Maria Devers, a realism painter who also loves to blend impressionism into her pieces, explains her creative process and gives the reader insight into her mental state when creating. She focuses on the source of inspiration for her work and describes how she finds beauty in the small details of her own backyard. Ana also touches upon Charles M. Russell and how the famous artist has impacted her work.She goes into enough detail to paint a rich picture for the viewer without overwhelming the reader with too much information. Her use of vibrant colors captures the beautiful culture of whom she is depicting. Her goals are very telling when viewing a piece, as she vividly paints the tiny details of both western and native american influence. You can find Ana Maria Devers in her at home studio painting with acrylics or pastel as she creates these story telling portraits.

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