Why Your Success Does Not Need To Look Like Others

Hey yall! Another Monday, and yes I slept longer than intended.

I don't know if there will ever be a Monday that I just spring out of bed bright eyed and bushy tailed. (Weird saying) but it is the truth.

Last week I had blogged about how unmotivated I was, and how when you have those un-motivational days discipline is the key to getting over those slumps. The discipline to do something and work towards your goals even when you don't feel like it. Its rough, and some days are super tough but I am learning every day that if I don't do anything to get to where I want then that will be my own fault.

Opportunities will only start to show up if I give them the chance to. I would love to be lazy, sleep all day, eat like crap and get what I want. That isn't life, and if I don't strive to discipline myself over things than I will not be successful.

I feel like discipline is amazing for your state of mind. It makes me feel so great when I accomplished something that I set out to do. Just like finishing a painting makes me feel so proud of myself. My motivation shoots through the sky when I have completed a painting, but there are also days where my laziness overcomes my strive to do better. And thats ok, just don't let it become a habit.

Whatever your goals may be, you need to work everyday towards them. I know there will be day after day where you just don't feel like it. Goals don't care how you feel though, goals will either come into existence from your hard work or never come to be because of the work you did not put in. Goals are just thoughts, and if those thoughts don't see any actions then they will just simply stay being dreams. Its great to dream, but don't be a daydreamer. Be a dream doer and work when you don't feel like it, work when you are not feeling motivated. I will keep on repeating that consistency makes you successful. I know I don't have many followers and readers and yall are probably thinking, "Well Ana, where is all of your success?" The truth is, my success might look different than yours.

Sure it would be nice to have millions of followers and likes, and maybe when I started this whole sharing on social media that is what I was looking forward to. My point of view has changed though, I don't think that to be successful is in the number of people who like my artwork. Its me looking back into old work realizing how better I have gotten. It is me stepping out of my comfort zones and starting scary things like blogs. Or even sharing my artwork to the public, it is speaking my mind and not caring what anyone thinks of me.

I am just glad that I have grown into that person. My success does not have to look like yours, and I hope you don't think that your success has to look like mine. I am happy where I am at. I am happy where I am going, and I am happy that you stopped and got to read about what success means to me. I hope your goals and successes are unique to you and you alone. Up above is the pastel painting I got finished up this week. I just love that the commissions keep on coming and I hope they continue to roll on in!! Thanks for reading another Monday rant about what all of this means to me, I appreciate everyone that takes time out of there day! God Bless.

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