Why You Should Indulge Yourself In The Moment

Hey yall!!

Another week down, we are already 12 days into August and it is going by so quickly!

I got my wedding photos back this week, I know I hadn't really talked much about my wedding day but now is as good a time as any.

When I got the photos from @Kailibreannphotography it made me realize how fast time goes by and how much we need to indulge ourselves in the moment. I hardly remember my wedding day, and no it wasn't the booze. haha. I just feel like it was a blur, with everyone surrounding you, camera lights, having to be on schedule with timing that I wasn't 100% able to enjoy everything. I loved my wedding day, don't get me wrong, but its why photos and videos are so important. They help you see what was going on while you were busy with something else.

I also had a friend that told me she didn't want to post too many pics of her kids, and I caught myself thinking that when I was about to upload 800 photos on Facebook, but I said, "who cares!"