Why Being In A Relationship Isn't Always Roses and Rainbows.

Updated: Sep 18, 2019

Hey yall, I have decided my blogging day is Monday.

I know I am crazy, Mondays are dreadful, busy as heck, and plus no one likes them.

I know I usually post around noonish but I literally had no idea what to write about today. Not until I got home after work. As soon as me and Matt arrived we literally went into our seperate rooms and have hibernated ourselves into our spaces.

Lucky for us we live in a five bedroom home with just the two of us, so he has his own room and I have mine. This is our "norm". We spend all day together, from the minute we open our eyes all the way until we close them. Day after day. For some that might sound like hell, and I will admit somedays it is. I have come to understand that we as human beings need our alone time. Time to be by ourselves and just be in our own thoughts. I think its healthy to have a relationship with yourself and to learn how to be alone at times. Its not that we despise each other, we each have our own thing we are trying to achieve. I have my art and Matt has his gaming that he is just now beginning.

It just made me realize that some people might do this all the time. They might not even work with their significant other and as soon as they are home don't even spend time with their partner. I am no one to be giving advice, especially on relationships. Me and Matt have been together for 10+ years and I don't know how another relationship would work. Some people just have their own thing that works. What I do know is that you have to MAKE time to make it work out. I am probably the worst person to hole up by myself. I literally can live in my room or art room binging shows or painting. Somedays I do that exact thing and Matt will let me be on those days. I couldn't imagine doing that day in and day out though, I realize that it is not healthy to not talk.