Who You Surround Yourself With Will Help you Succeed.

Hey yall!

Another Monday down, I did not wake up early due to a long and stressful night of driving.

We went out this weekend with friends and had a great time and it was a great little getaway from our little town. We danced, talked ate too much and had such a great weekend.

We all got to spend some time together before the hectic part of summer comes to an end. Kids are going back to school and one of my friends is a teacher. I just realized over the weekend how important it is to surround yourself with people who will help you succeed and who will not support you with what goals you have set for yourself.

I also read an extremely great blog about "being at the table you won't be talked about when you get up and leave." I found that so important. I know gossiping seems to be an extremely never ending trend. Gossiping starts all the way back in elementary and begins to become the driving factor in many friend groups. As we grow older why do we as people never stop this "talking of others". Why do we let the gossip be the main point of a subject. Why can't we all talk about ourselves, our goals, what is going on in our lives and leave it a that? We don't have to talk about "Betty and, did you hear what her boy did with that other kid..." or whatever the "tea" is. Why not let other peoples problems be just that, THEIR PROBLEMS.

Instead of sitting and gossiping about someones life, why not say hey we don't need to talk about that. It is not helping anyone's situation by talking and probably coming up with assumptions that lead to rumors about someone else's business. I am not going to act like I have never talked about someone, I will be the first to admit I am guilty about it. I try to catch myself when I start, but sometimes it is like a "bred" habit that has become the "norm" that many people do not see anything wrong with it.