Where is My Motivation and Where Can I Find it?

Hey yall, it is Wednesday I finished two paintings, last week, one is going to be shipped today and I am so excited over it.

I have unfortunately been so unmotivated lately. My early mornings have turned into me turning off my alarm entirely and skipping the snooze. Sleepy me is no one to be talked sense into. I have been so lethargic too, I started working out this week because my month of working out also went down the crapper. I am proud I got one week of working out done and it was hard work trying to talk myself into doing it. They haven't been the best workout either, I find myself just not wanting to do a damn thing!

So my very unmotivated self has just been making me self doubt everything about myself. I'm not a optimist and not really a pessimist when it comes to things. I strive to look on the bright side of things but I know what reality is like. I just have been doubting myself and if I will ever reach the goals I have set out for myself. Especially when my attitude towards those goals seems to not give a care in the world lately.

I love mornings, the fresh air, birds chirping, alone time with a book and coffee, but all that has not gotten me out of bed. I just cant seem to find anything that will get my lazy self up and starting the day to be productive.

Yeah, I know step backs happen and I know that bad days can happen more often than we like but I just feel like I am not going to get out of this slump.

I can literally sleep all day and then feel bad about it, not too bad because I wont do anything to change it though. I know I dont need to be beating myself up over it. I also know this self doubt will pass just like everything else does.

What is something that helps yall to get up and actually do something in the mornings? What helps motivate you? I would love to hear some feed back and try a few things out because this whole "not a morning person" needs to change. I dont know where my motivation is and I would really love to find it.

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