What or Who Inspires You to Create?

Updated: Aug 2, 2019

Hey yall! So I got the stomach flu over the weekend, and am now just starting to feel better. So I decided, since I didn't go help the hubby at work today, that I could at least blog and get this weeks read up today.

A little insight into my everyday "norm". My husband has his own business, he decided to start it 2 years ago. So you can say its been a busy, stressful and hectic two years. When he did start it, he had no idea about security cameras but he is so knowledgeable when it comes to technological things that he catches onto things so quickly.

I've always been in awe how much his mind is able to obtain, he can read one article and store it in his mind and bring it up whenever the mood calls for it. Unlike myself, with my artsy mind, I'm knowledgeable about artsy matters and that is pretty much it. He never had to study in school, which irked me, I would literally study for hours and then go half way blank when tests came around.

Aside from how smart he is, his business is starting to boom. They say it takes two years to actually start seeing a turn around and those two years are stressful beyond measure. I am the one who goes around helping him for the time being. He is the one who told me to quit my very well paying and very beneficial job because I wasn't happy. I would literally come home, exhausted and almost "defeated". I hated my job, and even though he knew me quitting meant picking up the financial stress he was so selfless into telling me, don't do something that is making you so unhappy.

So I help him now, we may fight and exchange a few heated words but when we finish a job its like all the bickering never happened. At the end of the day I am happy that I was able to work alongside my husband. I also get to see him grow daily, with the knowledge and how well he is with his customers. Some days are filled with long nights and hot attics, but I can now say that I don't go home at the end of the day wishing I had done something else with my time. I actually come home not dreading to go make art after the day. One day I will be able to do it for a living, but for now, being able to work with my husband is both a blessing and a privilege.

We live in a tiny town so when he was throwing around ideas of what to start we were both a little hesitant as how well something like this would be. Would there be enough business, will we grow, will we be able to pay the bills? As much as those questions scared us, he decided to leap into it. Some months are better than others but I can say he inspired me. He inspired me to leap into my art business. Even though this community may not be big art supporters, the opportunity social media is able to make now a days is unbelievable.

That is why I love him. Not only did he inspire me but he also showed me that being scared of something that might not work is okay. It may or may not take off, but if it does then I would forever be grateful. If it doesn't, well then I will never go through life saying "what if". Also, it can always be a hobby, if it makes me happy, then why not try making it happen.

So that is just a little "testimonial motivation" of how I decided to start this whole art website and blog thing. I don't think I have ever mentioned it to him that he is my walking inspiration. Part of me doesn't want to tell him, I like admiring him from afar while he just walks around not knowing. Somewhat of a guilty pleasure I guess. What is something that motivated and inspired you into starting something you were passionate about?

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