Summer Is Here! That Means Motivation is too!

Updated: Aug 2, 2019

Hey yall!

I have been sketching and painting as much as my little heart desires. I also have a few commission pieces that are probably going to take up most of my time as July nears. I am a little nervous about them, I usually do pieces in pastel but these upcoming will be in acrylic. I am a little rusty as it has been a while. I have been doing trial runs with it and as long as it has been I was actually surprised how not terrible it looked.

I feel like since summer has finally arrived it makes me feel extra motivated. I don't like sitting around and wasting what time we have with good weather. My instagram page is doing rather well, and I have been sharing my sketchbook sketches in there. If you guys are interested in keeping up with my almost daily sketch life follow my instagram account, the link is found at the top of all the pages.