Sunshine Means Grind Time

Hey yall!!!

I have been so busy with both my art business as well as my husbands business. I almost feel as if I close my eyes at night and have to immediately wake up the next second.

I am adapting to shuffling both jobs and will take any tips and tricks to juggling such a chaotic schedule. I am tired but yet so happy that we are blessed. Being able to pay bills and keep the lights running has definitely been a God send. We thank him for all he has done during this pandemic.

I hope everyone is keeping up their health and that you are able to get back into the swing of things as we slowly start to go back to normal. If normal is even a thing...

I am making car charms lately and on my art grind, I have decided to just blog when the time shows up. Soon I will have a diary of blogs that no one reads, but thats ok with me. This is almost a little venting blog to get all my thoughts out.

The warm weather is only going to bring on more jobs, more family/friend time and I hope you are blessed with all those things as well.

Just wanted to tell yall, I am doing well and I hope you and yours are to.

Creative, Relevant Content.


p.s. I sent a letter for the first time in like 10 years!!! it was to a friend who I was worried about and hadn't heard from. I'll let yall know what she says. -GodBless

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