Is Your Bad Luck Trying To Ruin Your Day?

Updated: Sep 18, 2019

Hey yall!

So my wedding is this upcoming Saturday! Aghhhhh! I'm stressed!

My luck has been at an all time high, and when I say its been bad, I think that is down playing how bad it has actually been.

For starters, our venue that we had picked and sent out on the invitations did not work out, and we found out two weeks before the wedding! Next venue we picked was going to be perfect and I had come to terms with having an outside wedding after our first choice didn't work out. Then we got a call saying there was going to be "rules": no more than a certain capacity, no drinks allowed, and out by 10 p.m. So that just sent me on a total panic mode!

Thank GOD! For my amazing in laws, because they said they would foot the bill if we found a venue near us, which was a last minute find. Unfortunately there will be a party in the same venue before the wedding, which only gives us two hours to decorate. Yup...that was the only option left. I mean, I insisted that we just run away and elope, but Matt wasn't havin it. Haha.

Now onto my bridal shower, the day before I was informed that the person making the cupcakes was going to be late, I said I would make them! No problem, box cake is simple and I've made them countless times! So the morning of my bridal shower I get the cake mix all done, pop them in the oven, timers up! Open the oven and they are possibly the ugliest cupcakes you can imagine. I brush it off and say, "Oh I can make them look pretty with the frosting..." We will just skip over the story about how much of a disaster that was and move onto me giving up all hope for the cupcakes and deciding to make cookies.