Why Taking A Break From Certain Things Can Be Good For You

Hey yall! So as I'm taking in huge spoonfuls of cheesecake and gulping down hot coffee I know I need to say sorry for not being active in three weeks.

I decided I just needed a small break. A break from social media and a break from constantly looking at my phone and not "being" in the moment. I also wanted a few weeks to just enjoy the married life and try to just be with my husband (still feels wierd to say that) and not have my mind somewhere else .

I also took a break from my art. As guilty as I felt for doing it, I think it did me some good. The cons, of course feeling guilty. Not being able to run into the art room when I was a little overwhelmed with something. Not being able to create any idea that popped into my head, and just getting my hands dirty with paint, pastels or pencil. (I'm a lefty so you know my hand stays stained) The pros, I was dying to get into the art room. It reminded me of how blessed I am to be able to afford and create. What artist block? My motivation to create was shooting through the sky! I had a million of ideas to get started and I was able to relax and not feel like me making art was a chore.

I probably wont do it again but it did make me realize that I'm lucky to love what I do. You may not feel like putting in the work somedays but success doesn't care how we feel. Art grind here I come.