Meet the artist: AnaMaria...thats me!

Updated: Aug 2, 2019

New. Artistic. Determined

Hi yall! I'm AnaMaria. I'm an artist based in Texas. I love it here, born and raised and my art can truly show that. I've been drawing since I can remember, but never dug into it until junior year of high school. I never even considered being able to grow up and sharing my art with everyone, let alone selling my work. I am a rather quiet person, I like to think I save all my breath and share it through my art. During my Jr. year of high school I won a few first and second places at some art competitions. I also attended Oklahoma Panhandle State University and I actually had a painting, Tranquility, published in the Oklahoma Today Magazine in 2013! I When I left college I kind of fell into a rut, I wasn't painting or even drawing whatsoever. About a year later I decided to pick up my pastels again and just made a few personal paintings, I started sharing them on Facebook and Instagram and started seeing that I actually had people willing to support me. Not only did I find my groove again with my art, it just made me happy that I was able to do something that I loved and was pretty good at. I hope yall like my work and if you can't buy anything just leave a comment or say hi!

Any questions:

If yall have any questions for me or just want to say whats up feel free to do so!

I love making new friends and getting to know my supporters!

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