Don't Let Nearing 30 Scare Your Dreams.

Updated: Aug 2, 2019

Hey yall!

So your new years resolution has completely gotten lost with all of your busy schedules, stressful everyday chores and endless laundry? Well I'm here to tell that the "NewYearNewMe" mind set has just got a whole new meaning.

I am twenty seven, as of yesterday. One year older, one year wiser and another day to reflect about my past and realize that time will wait for nobody. Why not make a birthday resolution!? Resolutions shouldn't just be for the beginning of the year. They should come when you feel like you need change in your life. Starting my twenty seventh year off with some goals just seemed to be the cherry to an amazing birth-day. Lucky for me I have a summer birthday, I have one whole year to make and strive for some goals that I have come up with.

The closer thirty is creeping up on me, the more and more scared I get. Not scared of getting older, (Ok fifty percent of being old) but the other half is turning thirty and feeling like some goals haven't been met. I feel thirty years old is a milestone age, an age where I will officially be an adult. Where teenagers will look at me and I will just be "that thirty year old lady". I wanted to change that, I want to be the thirty year old lady who is happy with how hard she has worked, and be happy with my goal making!