Learning Something New Is Not Easy. (Who said it ever was?)

Hey yall!

So my Monday was pretty amazing, we ended up taking a "personal day" with Matts family and going out to the lake for some much needed get away time. The real plan was to have a mini two day vacation and head towards the mountains but with everyones busy schedules and with Matts family in the rodeo business set schedules can pretty much change at any moment. It is all okay with me, the lake was great we had amazing steaks, a great view and played a good game of cards.

We will be headed into a pretty busy week after today though, our vacation mindset will definetely have to be set aside for the time being. Matt's business seems to have gone into fast forward and we have been so busy trying to keep up with it all.

If you hadn't noticed I purged a lot of my blogs. Mainly because they had no point, they were literally just mixed subjects and a mess. I have been trying my hardest to research blogging and social media, sticky notes have literally overtaken my life. Haha. I am trying my hardest to get better at this whole blog. It's hard seeing all my notes and lists and trying to not get overwhelmed by how much I do not know. It is so new, and I am unfortunately one of those people who hate being bad at something. I know I have to work on it because, well, Im human. Its life, and learning how to blog correctly or having interesting topics has become a challenge for me.

It is hard, dont get me wrong, I knew it wouldn't be easy and I knew how much hard work it would be to get readers. It is just that internal voice in my head saying "wow, no one is reading your blogs or looking at your website, shut it down."