July Is The Best Month, Change My Mind...

Updated: Aug 2, 2019

Hey yall! Its Tuesday, the beginning of a new week and also the beginning of JULY!

Personally, I think its the best month of the year. No, its not because my birthday is getting closer either, it is just packed full with 4th of July, festivities, family, food and great times.

I feel once July hits people go into "vacation mode" its HOT and bbq is in the air. Kids are running around everywhere and tans are looking good on everyone you see. It just gets me into a creative mood, oh yeah did I mention its World Watercolor Month!

So I will be trying to create some watercolor every day till the month is over. Wish me luck, because I can never get through these things. I think the farthest I got on these challenges was last year in inktober and I stopped when I was so close to accomplishing the whole thing!

Follow me on instagram and I will be sharing my everyday watercolors, I'm going to try my best to post on my Facebook page as well but I'm not making any promises.

Recently I had a poll on my instagram story asking if I should have another giveaway and everyone was for it. So if you keep an eye out and follow the "rules" I will be giving away a piece of artwork for free!!

So I hope your July is fantastic. May you eat all the ice cream and hot dogs you desire,

and make some amazing memories with your friends and family!

Creative, Relevant Content.


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