Jingle Bells, Covid smells, and I Could Drink a Keg

Hey all!

It has been one hell of a freakin month! I got covid...wasn't as bad as I was thinking, especially since I have severe asthma. It did knock me out for 3 days and like any sickness was not fun in any way. Although it wasn't as scary as the media is telling us, I do hope no one catches it and all those who have get well soon.

I was going to start inktober and 3 days into it, here comes covid and smashes those dreams of finishing this year.

I am back to my old charming self. lol.

Trying to get everything cleaned, sold and moved around before winter hits. Where I live the winter is miserable. I hate the cold, and although its not as bad as some places, anything below freezing should just be uninhabitable. I feel for anyone working out in weather like this, it is not fun, I've been there before.

Lucky for both Matt and I, we have been extremely busy. We have both fired each other multiple times, but hey no one said working with your husband is fun. I'm just glad that we are continuing to get jobs, pay bills, and live comfortably.

We are moving rooms around, hopefully sooner than later. I am hoping to move my art room to a better spot in our house so Matt can start his game streaming. As stressful and sometimes frustrating moments during the whole rearranging rooms I am so glad it is finally getting done. You see, I married a wannabe hoarder, and it is very very challenging to get rid of stuff when Matt is helping me. Hahaha. He would be on that show if it wasn't for me, and he has admitted to it.