Why Consistency Should Become a Habit. 

Updated: Aug 2, 2019

Hey yall!

So it's Friday, I could have sworn I blogged this week but I guess I hadn't.

I have been so forgetful this week. I locked my keys in the car at the grocery store and forgot my phone at home when I needed it the most. You can say I am pretty stoked it is Friday.

On the plus side my painting for one of my best friends went extremely well! Down below is my smiling face and the finished product. I was so happy she loved it, the background to this story was so sweet and I couldn't have been more great full that they trusted me in painting something so special to them. I was so scared because I hadn't picked up my acrylics in so long and college is the last thing I remember actually painting something. So I guess all the sketching and watercolor sketches have paid off. I know the original art work is not mine, and that is why no prints will be available of it, but I was so proud of myself when I completed it.

On to the next painting I completed, this was my first "rodeo" picture I had done for someone and again I was so nervous. It's not that I doubt my ability its just that I know artwork is such a special thing to gift to someone, so I always get nervous. I don't know if that feeling will ever go away, I guess I will find out. I went back to my comfort zone and used pastels on this, I was so excited when I showed the finished piece to the buyer, she was exstatic and I just was so relieved. I can't wait for her to give it to her dad, and if you want to see more of both of these works follow my Facebook link. I have shared both of the progression videos.

I am currently working on another commisioned piece, which I couldn't believe when they asked. Three pieces in one month is a big deal for me. I usually have about 6 or 7 in one year. The artist struggle is real yall! I have a couple more people who have asked for more artwork too! I guess me being so consistent in sharing my art is finally paying off. I sure hope this successful month continues.

I hope you all enjoyed this blog, I kind of decided to do a different presentation for it. So let me know what you like and don't like. I am still lost when it comes to blogging, I never know if I'm doing it right or not. I do research on it but I don't know if it is just making it all worse. I will stick to rambling, and my run on sentences for now until I am told otherwise. Thanks again for reading yall! Your support means the world, even if its just reading my blogs.

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