How Waking Up Early Really Feeds Success.

Updated: Aug 2, 2019

Hey yall!

Its Wednesday, half way through the week and I feel I have done a whole months full of work! I am not complaining though, my mornings have consisted of a pot full of coffee and a fruit on the go. I have been willing myself to get out of bed earlier than usual, and to be honest I am already seeing a great outcome from it.

I know, waking up early sucks, and the snooze button is more tempting than a chocolate cake after three days of fasting. I groan and I complain once the alarm goes off, and have hit the snooze once or twice, but I have gotten up early in time to not feel rushed and to relax.

Now again, I know it is easier said than done, and I am only a couple weeks into this whole waking up early routine, but it is going amazing! If the outcomes just keep getting better than they already are, then I am no longer looking back to catching a few more z's. I have time to drink my coffee, scroll through my feeds, eat "not always healthy" and I feel so good about it yall!

I don't know if it is more time that makes my days more productive or if my mind has just set itself to "go and get it mode". I love it, I advise each and every one of you to try it, I am looking forward to keeping up with it, and am also looking forward to maybe banning my phone out of the morning routine to exercise or read something that feeds my soul.

July is coming to an end, and oh man has it been so good to me. I have gotten more commission pieces than I would usually get in a year! How great is that!!? Also, one of my posts reached 2, 700 views! I know that isn't huge for some, but I will take it and be as happy as a lark. (I have never used that term, forgive me...)

It might be sheer coincidence that my getting up early and my commissions have just so happened to boom and be in the right place right time type of deal, but I am going to go with "the early bird gets the worm." (alright I'll stop with the corny metaphors.)

I am a believer in how wakin