Here is to Kicking 2019's Butt and Kicking Down Another! (Cheers Yall We Did it)

Updated: Jan 11, 2020

Hey yall! I have finally gotten some time to actually sit down and blog!

I hope every one of yalls Christmas was amazing, and good luck and huge you can do it to this new year coming upon us.

The little project that I was working on has unfortunately slowed down in progress with the busy hustle of this time of year, but I can't wait to get back on track as my schedule slows down.

Matt and I got so sick and are barely getting over the crud, to say the least, we have not been productive for a week straight. As much as I am disappointed that some of our productivity came to a halt, our health sure needed the break. I read a great blog saying how you sometimes need to take a step back from your crazy life and if you don't your body will end up doing it for you. I feel like that is what happened. The stress of the holidays, the busy schedules and us not really being able to rest or eat as we should, took its toll.

I am excited to get to feeling better, and also looking forward to sharing my project with yall! Another year down, it is crazy. Time flies and I can rant and rant on how that makes me feel and how crazy time is, but I'll stop at it was a hell of a year. I created more art, started my blog, worked my husband and got married!

Here is to another great year down. A huge thank you to my man upstairs for blessing me with so much this year, even if it was not what I had envisioned for myself. I have to say, this year was a blast! I hope all your new year wishes come true! HAPPY NEW YEARS YALL GO KICK BUTT!