Here Comes Halloween

Hey yall!

So I have decided not to blog weekly, I know I said I would. I just find it difficult to keep up with my art, my website, by other social media, relationships, exercising and to top it all off I started a business and marketing class!!!

If my plate wasn't full already we are headed into the most busy months and I will have to make some room for everything coming up. I am getting my commissions completed before Christmas comes up and learning so much with the class I am taking.

I am taking a Nicole Walters class and I am so excited for all the information I will be learning and hopefully applying to not only my art work but also help Matt with his Protech business as well.

We had an amazing time this weekend with the Halloween party and it was a hit!! We always have so much fun with our friends and the costumes just get better and better. It makes me look forward to it year after year. As much as I hate cleaning up after a house party and all the decorations, it is so worth it. I am going to be posting some pictures of me and Matt. Let me know what you think of our costumes and who you think did better. (Matts was pretty good, I'll admit).