Dont Stress Falling Off Track!

Hey yall! What's up?!

I missed yesterday's Monday blog but Tuesdays rants arent any different.

The last couple of days has been pretty slow for us at Protech, but we have been busy with the Cowyboy up for Cale benefit. If you haven't heard of it check it out on Facebook, it is a great benefit for a great kid who was recently diagnosed with cancer. I have an item up for auction and all the proceeds go straight to Cale! Down below is the piece up for auction.

So there is an arts and crafts show coming up in Novemeber in my town and I am debating on entering it. It's not that I don't have enough paintings, its just that I dont have the funds to buy an entire art display plus fees and not to mention none of my painting have frames. This also isnt your average arts and crafts show, some pretty big vendors show up and some big names enter there beautiful pieces. So I just dont want to show up with a crappy looking display of artwork.

I will let yall know if I decide to dive into that pool. Other than that I have been right on track with both my art and my workouts. I am pretty proud of myself, I'm going into week 3 of exercising and although I haven't had time to share my sketches I have been knocking those out.

Up above was me at my fittest. I have a ton of work to get back to that person and there are days where I am mad at myself for not keeping up with her. If you fall off track don't stress over it, I ended up not working out on Sunday, but I just made it up on Monday and worked out twice as hard. Those days that you have to do something and somehow manage not doing it, dont worry about it. There will be another day for you to get it done. I have been pretty good about not procrastinating lately and doing things on time has me wondering why the hell I didnt do it in the first place! I'm not saying I will never procrastinate again because, well, I know myself. Procrastination is my M.O and I promise I will do it in the future.

Just remember you are human, things will happen, we are not in control and I think the world has a great way of showing us that every day. So just a reminder that even if you fall off track you can jump right back on. That is the beauty of trying to stay on track, it doesnt judge you when you slip up as long as you keep at it.

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