Does Inktober Actually Help or is it Just A Trend?

Hey yall!!

Its Monday, really wee early hours of Tuesday but does it even count if you haven't gone to sleep yet?

I feel like my Monday rants are slowly turning into Tuesday blogs. One being because I can't choose on what to write. (I am the worst decision maker) and two, the last few days have been completely packed full with busy schedules.

The "Cowboy up for Cale, Silent Auction and Barrel Race" was held this weekend. The silent auction went extremely well!!! My steer head I had painted sold for $150.00 and the auction as a whole raised 14k for Cale and his family!!! That is amazing!!!

So in the great spirit of Fall, it has hit me with great motivation and inspiration. Hence my pumpkins and cat watercolors. I also think the bug of it being October has hit me because...

Inktober has finally arrived!

I am determined to finish it this year! I got to day 28 last year and was so disappointed in myself when I didn't complete it. No excuses this year!

I remember when I first saw all the inktober pictures on instagram and was kind of getting sick of seeing the bombarding of hashtag this and that, but I can honestly say I was WRONG! I can't say enough good things about it, I really do believe that it helps. Not only with discipline and being consistent, but it helps you actually stick to something. It is easy to follow, and if you don't like being given prompts then you can do your own thing. Its also a great way to see other great art! Its amazing to see artist being given one word and see so many different styles and imagination that goes into it. So if you are thinking about trying it, I highly suggest doing it! It has helped me a ton! I have also found out about some pretty talented artists on instagram because of it!

So be on the look out for my inktober artwork. I am going to be posting a picture of the inktober prompt. I am changing things up and am going to try to stick to a theme. I was going to try and use my friends instagram selfies as inspiration and put a twist to it using the prompt words given. I hope they all turn out well, and I hope I will be able to stick to the daily prompts. I love inktober, it gets my creative flow going and teaches me how to consistently create as well as share to social media. I think I have said the word inktober way too many times over the span of a couple hundred words so I'll just leave it at talk to yall later on next weeks blog!!!! Thanks for reading and keeping up with my not so interesting but weekly life updates and thoughts.

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