Cowboys are a different breed...

Until I Married A Cowboy By: Ana Maria Devers

I never knew North from South. I never knew the things that could come out of someones mouth! I never knew there were so many gates, and how much opening gates could cause so much hate. Until I married A cowboy.

I never knew you should ALWAYS make it to Sunday dinner even if you are two states away, and were last nights Rodeo winner! I never knew you could spot a coyote a mile away, but not see the ketchup that is literally right in the way. Until I Married A Cowboy

I never knew what I was getting myself into, taggings, brandings and "cattle got out" calls were so new. I never knew conversations were built on if you knew Mary Ann, and did you know her cousins brothers uncles, Bobby and Dan? Until I Married A Cowboy

I never knew rodeos were the number one sport, barrels and steer wrestling are in their court. I never knew if you were workin hard or hardly workin and sun up to sun down was how they make an earnin. Until I Married A Cowboy

I never knew you could have a horse worth more than a house, and how those good ol' farm dogs were loved more than a spouse! I never knew a man could be so handy, and how the one he learned it from was his amazing Grandy. Until I Married A Cowboy

I never knew boots could be worn for every occasion, but cowboys sure know how to throw a celebration! I never knew such a hard working man and how they have to cook everything in a damn skillet pan. Until I Married A Cowboy

I never knew a wrench could be used for it all prying, hammering and fixing that rickety door stall. I never knew this "way of life" would give me so much joy... Until I Married A Cowboy

Sorry its so long. I never posted anything for our anniversary, that day was long and not a girls dream anniversary. lol. I worked, got off and headed to help Matt finish a job about an hour away. We ended up working till dark, raining and cold, grabbed subway said hell of a one year. and passed out. 😂 I wrote Matt this poem and he told me to share it so here it is. Matt Devers