Coughing Up Some Positivity 

Hey yall!

I have literally been utterly and completely out of it the last two months. I didn't even blog last month, much less make any art.

As most of you are quarantined during this craziness, I have unfortunately gotten ill myself. No, not with the covid19 but I do have a terrible cold and with my asthma, let's just say I have to be extra cautious with going about.

I called into work, yes they still haven't shut it down...(let's not get into that).

I have been cleaning all day, doing laundry and jamming out to some music. In the midst of my focused sanitation, I completely stopped and told myself, "you literally have time to blog. Do it." So here I am.

I grabbed my camera and dedicated a good 30 minutes to taking photos and actually uploading something to my blog. I hope you all are staying safe, loving this time off with loved ones, (pets count) and getting some rest. We all need it.

My little community has seemed to have banded together to help out and I couldn't be more proud. They fed 290 children today, had bears set up for kids to go bear hunting, and have had teachers dedicate themselves to getting ready with curriculum in one week. If your town or city has com