Christmas, Paint, Glitter and Bows

Hey yall!

Christmas is only 13 days away and I am so excited. I hope many of yall get to celebrate this year, even if it means not the usual Christmas.

Luckily it's not much different for us this year, we are truly blessed with being around the people day in and day out that we don't have to worry about spreading anything. If you have to stay in this year, don't let this whole rona thing keep you from whippin out a small yet special meal or buying yourself something that will make you happy.

I have been swamped with Christmas orders and, "Oh my goodness! I could not be happier!" Even though I might be a little stressed, I love every stressful minute of it. I am making custom hand-painted ornaments this year, as well as a few pastels and drawings. I will say that December isn't even half way over and I love how chaotic it has been.

I finally got our Christmas tree put up yesterday, Matt is dead set against using a fake tree. So as I heal from all the pokes of the pine tree, I can now say, I do love having the fresh smell of