Dreams Change and That is Okay.

Updated: Sep 18, 2019

Hey yall!

It is Wednesday already! This week seems to be flying by! My bridal shower is this upcoming Sunday thanks to my great big sister! She is stressing over it but I couldn't thank her enough for taking a little stress off me.

I am determined to hop into the art room once this week. I have literally been dreaming of art ideas, don't you love when that happens? When I was in college I would wake up and right on some paper all of the random "dreams/ideas" I would have, and when I woke up they made no sense whatsoever! Haha.

So recently, I got asked if I ever considered writing a childrens book. Of course I've thought about, I love writing and of course drawing and being creative. I decided to write random ideas or titles

about it and I guess I got a little out of hand because I came up with about 50+ brainstorms! I know they aren't all great ideas but it was so much fun and was shocking how fast and creative I was able to be.

Now that all of that has happened I've been researching children books and how to jump into it without trying to be overwhelmed about how I have no idea where to start. That is how many great things come to happen though, you jump with both feet into something and even though you go into it blind, the outcomes can always come out to be amazing. It was never a dream to write, but once I started this blog it made me realize that I actually enjoy it. I really do look forward to blogging, even if I have no idea what I am doing is the "right way" of blogging. If it takes off and I get the hang of it and bump into a great opportunity I'll take it. If I fail miserably then I guess I can at least say I tried.

No one ever grew without having drastic failures in their lives! So chase those dreams! Even when they sound utterly out of reach, you never know where life can take you.

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