Are you Starting to Get Into The Fall Sprit?!

Updated: Oct 16, 2019

Hey yall!

Fall has finally hit my little side of the world! Cold mornings, cozy sweaters and a must have cup of warm coffee all day has come yet again.

Ever since I quit my old job I don't despise the cold nearly as much. I get to stay inside with heat and glance outside saying, "I love fall!". So shout out to all the postal workers having to walk miles upon miles in the cold winds. I know the feeling, and do not miss it at all!

A little inktober art update, I missed two days in a row but I will be right on that as soon as I get home today. I feel like I finally got into the groove of it, the first three days were depressing me because they came out terrible. I will also be starting a personal project that I have kept putting off. Due to commissions and all, I have a little bit of spare time to actually paint something I really want to!!

Matt took me out this weekend thinking it was for a job, and low and behold he surprised me with a Mumford & Sons concert!!!! I was shocked, very surprised and so proud because Matt is not the best at keeping surprises secrets. Who can blame him, Mumford and Sons was an amazing concert!!!!

Halloween is right around the corner and Matt and I hold an "annual" Halloween Party at our house. This is our 4th year to do it and I am way to excited about it! I go all out with decorations, and snacks but it is so much fun!! There is just something about getting to dress up with a bunch of friends play games, dance and eat snacks that makes it so special. I am going as Cruella DeVille this year and I cant wait to share my completed look with yall! Matt would rather dress up with his friends, but thats alright with me because me and my dog are going to look the best for sure!!! I will be posting pictures of my little decorations, (mainly from last year) and give you guys a little glance of the Halloween Spirit that is happening at the the Devers household. Our group sure knows how to have fun!

Wish me luck with my inktober endeavor as well as my commissions! I am blessed to keep getting people who trust me. Also, I am cutting off commission dates for Christmas on Novembers, 2 2019! This weather gets me into such a great mood, so be on the look out for upcoming artworks! I hope yalls fall is great, thanks for stopping in to read another Ana life clip!!!

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