New Year Goals Don't Have To Be Unrealistic

Updated: Aug 3, 2019

Hey Yall!

Since the new year has started, I think we all like to reminisce and look back at the year that has so quickly passed. I feel like last year I accomplished things I didn't think I would (Like getting this website up and running!) I also try not to loathe on all the things I didn't get done. I know its okay not to reach every ambition I had set out to do in a year but, if wishes were fishes right?...

I think when the new year comes around a lot of us tend to set up unrealistic expectations of ourselves. I'm not saying we don't live up to them, I'm saying we set this goal and act as if the new year gives us some kind of magical motivation.

I know the new year may make us seem motivated, but trust me, that motivation only lasts so long. How many gym memberships are bought in January, and how many of those memberships are canceled by the time the "new year jitters" come to an end.

Realistic goals should be set for yourself, some people may do great under different goal schedules but you have to admit, making ambitions too high sets you up to feel horrible when they are not accomplished.