Feeling Lonely Can Hit Anyone.

Updated: Aug 2, 2019

Hey yall!! I was actually looking forward to blogging this week! So yay! I actually did a little research on blogs, and found out I was doing absolutely everything wrong. haha.

So I changed things up a little and decided I would put a more positive reinforcement on "How to" treat yourself.

One of my best friends and I got into a deep conversation over drinks a week ago. In fact, we found out that we were both in a very low and dark spot in our lives and we didn't even notice it in one another until we said something. Now, of course we are over that low self esteem and hump for now, but the scary thing is, is we are great friends and didn't even have the nerve to tell each other.

We see all the suicidal awareness pages, and feel sad when we see that someone has taken there life, but that is it. We get sad, maybe shed a tear, turn away from our devices and never remember it, until it happens to you personally.

So I'm just writing these things to anyone feeling down. Of course these 3 things were the things I kept telling myself and it may not apply to your situation, but just remember that if you are depressed, or just feel like you can't bear anything else on your shoulders, that you are not alone.

1. (They won't care) This was probably the number one thing that repeatedly can run through someones head. Even when you weren't thinking about hurting yourself. It can be a constant reminder of, "Oh, I can literally run away and no one will care" that is far from true. The fact you have to keep reassuring and repeating that very point is what makes that whole statement a lie! People do care. Your friends who you think wouldn't, would. Even though you argue with your parents or grandparents, I am here to tell you they do care. They will miss you with every part of themselves, and not only will they miss you they will feel guilty about not being able to help you.

2. (I shouldn't tell anyone) Please. If you aren't even thinking suicidal thoughts, but you are feeling down, please tell someone. It will be like a weight being lifted off of you. And even though you may be embarrassed because you think people will see you as weak. Don't listen to yourself. The minute you let someone know, the minute you are a little relieved that you are not the only one that has to bear those thoughts about yourself. People are willing to help you, even if its to a calling center. Just talking about it will make you feel a little better.

3. (They will make fun of me) I can't say that people will not do this. We live in a world where it is a trend to belittle people. Bullying is a horrible thing. But what I'm trying to say is the one you trust to tell something to won't. I was terrified to tell one of my most trusted persons. I was terrified they would see me in a different light. I always put on a perception of I'm strong. Nothing makes me cry, nothing makes me feel bad and I was terrified the minute I told them. It will feel good knowing that at any moment, if you feel "not yourself" you can have someone to rant to.

These are just a few things that helped me out. Was it embarrassing? Heck yes! Was I scared of what people would think after I said something? I still am! I have only told 2 people in my little world and now here I am typing in on the internet where it will be searchable at everyone's fingertips. But if it can help out someone, then I think my embarrassment can take a hit.

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