AnaMaria Devers

Phone: 806-202-8679

Professional info

I am an experienced artist with a passion to keep on broadening my art skills. I love to challenge myself with not only working in one specific medium. I take on challenging and new projects that I feel make me better technically and creatively. I was awarded many first and second place medals in a few art competitions. My painting, "Tranquility" was published in the Oklahoma Today Magazine in 2013 and was sold at an art auction. 

I attended the art auction two years in a row and sold both paintings, with half the proceeds being sent to college scholarships. 



Work experience




Learning new techniques

Learning how to use new mediums in art. 

Animal portraits are my favorite, and I have had the privilege to paint some great pets for amazing people. 

Native and Western works are what I love to do and have been asked many times to paint something for gifts. 

Since the beginning of 2019, I have had the privilege to work on my artwork for myself and sell commissioned pieces. 


Graduated High School- 2011

2010 - present
2010 - present

Attended Oklahoma Panhandle State University- 2011-2013